Amazing Dallas Attractions for all Ages

Every city has attractions that are unique to anything else in the world, and Dallas is no exception. Here are a few attractions that we think will thrill any age.

The Dallas Zoo

One of the most incredible Dallas attractions is the the Dallas Zoo, which features some amazing exhibits and rare animals that are found in very few places. The primate place is a great way to see the zoo’s incredible collection of apes, monkeys and chimpanzees, and a truly unique exhibit in this king of Dallas attractions is the Snout Route, which features all kinds of animals with one identifying feature – they have unique or distinctive noses. In 2010, the Giants of the Savanna exhibit opened on eleven acres. In total, the zoo has around 8000 animals from nearly 400 different species.

The Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park

This isn’t your grandparent’s amusement park! The rides at Zero Gravity are designed for those that have the courage and perhaps complete lack of self-preservation and will surely take you to heights that you have never been – quite literally in the case of these Dallas attractions. Unique rides that you simply won’t find anywhere else include the Nothin’ But Net, a one hundred foot free fall, the Texas Blastoff Vertical Accelerator and the Skycoaster for hang gliding and skydiving. This top of the list of Dallas attractions is the world’s only amusement park dedicated to the most thrilling of rides.

The Conspiracy Museum

Do you think Aliens built the pyramids? Do you think that the Government is hiding something at Area 51? Did you watch that Mel Gibson movie way too many times? Then the Conspiracy Museum, part of our list of Dallas attractions, is for you. This museum was built with both the skeptic and conspiracy theorist in mind, and explores the questions that some have about both the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations, with movies and pictures. The Conspiracy Museum is located on South Market Street and this should definitely be on your list of Dallas attractions to visit.

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