Dallas Attractions Downtown You Simply Can’t Miss

Downtown Dallas, Texas is one of the most beautiful and interesting spots in the country. Not only do the Dallas attractions downtown include the site of the President John F. Kennedy assassination, but also great shopping, restaurants, hotels and other great tourist delights. Here are some of our favorite Dallas attractions downtown.

West End Dallas

West End Dallas has some of the best that the Dallas attractions downtown have to offer. One of the main Dallas attractions downtown is the Sixth Floor Museum, which features information about the Kennedy Assassination, as well as a view from the shooters point of view at the Texas School Book Depository. Also, the JFK Memorial is in the West End, as well as the Old Red Museum, amazing shopping and many other features. West End Dallas mostly revolves around the Kennedy Assassination, and tours are offered in a wide variety of formats that explore that tragic day in history.

The Dallas World Aquarium

Although the Dallas World Aquarium is one of the Dallas attractions downtown in the West End, it should sit on it’s own as an attraction as this aquarium and zoo features a plethora of interesting sea creatures that most people don’t get to experience in this lifetime. There are ten primary tanks at the Dallas World Aquarium, and each one features what sea life is like in various parts of the world including Australia, the Bahamas and other exotic destinations. Also, after you get your feet wet, you can check out the land animals including monkey and jaguars, making this one of the top Dallas attractions downtown.

Fountain Place

Fountain Place is another amazing stop on Dallas attractions downtown, being one of the most incredible impressive structure in Dallas. This green prism shaped building is the fifth tallest in Dallas, and has more than 175 fountains on the grounds, truly an impressive sight to see.

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