Top Dallas Attractions for Your Next Vacation

Dallas city skyline taken from Dallas City Hall

If you are looking for the top Dallas attractions for your vacation, then there are some places to visit that are unique to the city that you simply cannot miss while you are there. One of these is the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, located in the Dallas Castle, protected by a moat and accessible by draw bridge, which instantly takes you back in time to the age of the knights and kings and queens. You'll enjoy a feast that rivals the ones given for noblemen and royalty in the middle ages while you watch a tournament on horseback, feeling the rush of adrenaline as steel meets steel. This medieval feature of top Dallas attractions is not to be missed if you have any interest in this historic period. Most people, even those who weren't born at the time, know about the assassination … [Read more...]

What is the Best Downtown Dallas Attraction


After considerable research, checking out customer reviews, and intensive scientific research using primates we have figured out the one downtown Dallas attraction that you simply can't miss. Okay, we didn't really do any research with monkeys, but we did work hard to find out the best downtown Dallas attraction for you. If you only have time to visit one downtown Dallas attraction then we recommend the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. We made this our pick of all of the others because it's unique, and it's about something dear to the hearts of those in the Dallas area – the John F. Kennedy Assassination. This was a life changing moment in human history, with the world full of optimism, filled with the hope of a new President. The Sixth Floor Museum is a downtown Dallas attraction … [Read more...]

Parent’s Guide to Dallas Attractions for Kids


If you are looking for Dallas attractions for kids on your vacation then you might want to take a look at three that we believe are not only fun, but also educational, and are not only some of the best Dallas attractions for kids but also are some of the coolest places to visit in the country. The Dallas World Aquarium Located on Griffin Street, the Dallas World Aquarium is definitely worth putting on your list of Dallas attractions for kids. It features a huge complex that boasts twelve salt-water tanks that contain species and the environment from twelve different ecosystems. Your children will love being able to visit all of the fascinating land and sea creatures at the Dallas World Aquarium and will love the newest addition to the venue, a rain forest exhibit that includes howler … [Read more...]

Dallas Attractions Downtown You Simply Can’t Miss


Downtown Dallas, Texas is one of the most beautiful and interesting spots in the country. Not only do the Dallas attractions downtown include the site of the President John F. Kennedy assassination, but also great shopping, restaurants, hotels and other great tourist delights. Here are some of our favorite Dallas attractions downtown. West End Dallas West End Dallas has some of the best that the Dallas attractions downtown have to offer. One of the main Dallas attractions downtown is the Sixth Floor Museum, which features information about the Kennedy Assassination, as well as a view from the shooters point of view at the Texas School Book Depository. Also, the JFK Memorial is in the West End, as well as the Old Red Museum, amazing shopping and many other features. West End Dallas mostly … [Read more...]

Amazing Dallas Attractions for all Ages


Every city has attractions that are unique to anything else in the world, and Dallas is no exception. Here are a few attractions that we think will thrill any age. The Dallas Zoo One of the most incredible Dallas attractions is the the Dallas Zoo, which features some amazing exhibits and rare animals that are found in very few places. The primate place is a great way to see the zoo's incredible collection of apes, monkeys and chimpanzees, and a truly unique exhibit in this king of Dallas attractions is the Snout Route, which features all kinds of animals with one identifying feature – they have unique or distinctive noses. In 2010, the Giants of the Savanna exhibit opened on eleven acres. In total, the zoo has around 8000 animals from nearly 400 different species. The Zero Gravity … [Read more...]