Parent’s Guide to Dallas Attractions for Kids

If you are looking for Dallas attractions for kids on your vacation then you might want to take a look at three that we believe are not only fun, but also educational, and are not only some of the best Dallas attractions for kids but also are some of the coolest places to visit in the country.

The Dallas World Aquarium

Located on Griffin Street, the Dallas World Aquarium is definitely worth putting on your list of Dallas attractions for kids. It features a huge complex that boasts twelve salt-water tanks that contain species and the environment from twelve different ecosystems. Your children will love being able to visit all of the fascinating land and sea creatures at the Dallas World Aquarium and will love the newest addition to the venue, a rain forest exhibit that includes howler monkeys and many other rainforest creatures.

Tarantula Excursion Train

Send your kids back in time with the Tarantula Excursion Train, an authentic restored steam engine circa 1896 that travels along the tracks to showcase some of the most interesting spots in town. This is one of the most unique Dallas attractions for kids, and is actually located nearby, in the town of Grapevine, Texas on Main Street. Experience the wonder of traveling the same way that your grandparents or great grandparents did on an authentic steam engine.

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the country, featuring great admission prices and a huge variety of animals, and should top your list of the best Dallas attractions for kids if you haven’t been yet. The zoo contains some pretty rare animals that you won’t see anywhere else and includes the Primate Place, the Snout Route, and an incredible 8000 or more animals for you and your kids to see and is a common stop for tourists looking for the best Dallas attractions for kids.

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