The Best Seafood Restaurants in Dallas

One of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas is the Oceanaire, a restaurant that has been voted not only one of the top seafood restaurants in Dallas, but also in the country, as they have around ten locations that span from one end of the United States to the other. The Oceanaire doesn’t just provide incredible food, but an incredible dining experience as well, with plenty of company as the restaurant is nearly always packed. They always use fresh seafood that is flown in every day and customers say that customer service such as what you’ll see at the Oceanaire can be found nowhere else.

Second on our list of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas is Remington’s Seafood Grill which has been around for around thirty years and is the longest operating family owned restaurants in the area. They focus on fresh seafood and a terrific atmosphere, as well as providing amazing customer service at a great price. All of their seafood arrives daily either by plane or truck and they have a myriad of specials depending upon the time of year. These include Red Gulf Snapper, Alaskan Halibut, Copper River Salmon, Gulf Redfish, Whole Maine Lobsters and Walleye as well as many others, and this variety is one of the main reasons it is on our list of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas.

Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House is one of the best restaurants in Dallas period, and their sister restaurant, Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill offers the same high quality service and amazing dishes, but on the seafood side of things rather than the Steak. They have seasonal menus that depend upon the fresh seafood that arrives at the restaurant daily and although it is listed number two on our list, it has been voted the best seafood restaurant in the Dallas area by AOL City Guide. Like the Steakhouse, the Fish Market Grill offers private dining rooms and an amazing wine list. This is definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas, if not the best period.

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