The Most Expensive Hotels in Dallas Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is very popular among tourists and for those looking for a luxury vacation, the choices are nearly endless. However, there are some top picks among the luxury hotels in Dallas Texas that are worth a visit if you truly want to live like a king for a short period of time during your luxury vacation.

The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek tops of the list of the most luxurious locations in Dallas to rest your head, and although the price tag far exceeds that of even the nicest downtown hotels in Dallas Texas, it is certainly worth it as this beautiful mansion is the perfect spot for lovers to get away and enjoy a weekend. A couple can stay with one of their specialty packages for around $500 to $800, not including the wine and the caviar, but with a host of other amenities.

Commerce street is the perfect place for our next hotel to be located, because it is one of the hotels in Dallas Texas that fortune and flamboyance make a great marriage in the Adolphus Hotel, a structure that has been around since 1912 and created by the Missouran Adophus Busch, whom many will know from beer fame. He chose Dallas as his adopted city and the this 21 story giant has been called the most beautiful building west of Venice. Prices range from around $100 to $200.

Another great addition to our list of hotels in Dallas Texas is in the $100 to $200 range as well as bears the name of a well known luxury accommodations provider. The Hilton Dallas Lincold Center hotel is one of the hotels in Dallas Texas that bears Four Diamond Full-Service Luxury status and it is right next to one of the most incredible shopping centers in the country, the Galleria Shopping Mall. It is also fairly close to both of the airports for travelers convenience.

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