What is the Best Downtown Dallas Attraction

After considerable research, checking out customer reviews, and intensive scientific research using primates we have figured out the one downtown Dallas attraction that you simply can’t miss. Okay, we didn’t really do any research with monkeys, but we did work hard to find out the best downtown Dallas attraction for you. If you only have time to visit one downtown Dallas attraction then we recommend the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. We made this our pick of all of the others because it’s unique, and it’s about something dear to the hearts of those in the Dallas area – the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

This was a life changing moment in human history, with the world full of optimism, filled with the hope of a new President. The Sixth Floor Museum is a downtown Dallas attraction that holds the memories of the tragic day that President Kennedy was assassinated and offers everything that you could want including  President Kennedy’s early life and how he got to be President, as well as what kind of things he did while he was President and why he was loved so much by the people of the United States. The assassination itself and the investigation afterward are explored on film and in pictures.

One of the features that this museum offers that rivals any other downtown Dallas attraction at a museum is the ability to see right through the eyes of the shooter right out the window into Dealey Plaza. Following that, you can view all of the historical footage of November 22nd 1963, including media broadcasts and other films and audio. You’ll also see some of the conspiracy theories regarding the assassination plot explored and we believe this downtown Dallas attraction is truly the top of everything else that there is to see and do in Dallas.

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